A career breaker volunteering with Projects Abroad in Belize helps a child improve literacy at a local school.

Volunteering Abroad for Career Breakers

Increasing numbers of people are volunteering with Projects Abroad following a period, or even many years, spent in full-time employment. They may have chosen to take time out voluntarily, or had to leave work for other reasons, such as redundancy, but the relative levels of skill and experience they bring with them means that Career-Break volunteers are always greatly valued by the organisations we work with. This means that there is plenty of scope for Career-Break volunteers to gain work-experience in new and exciting areas of work, such as Journalism or Business.

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A group of volunteers over 50 doing childcare volunteering in Nepal, take a photo outside their placement.

From €1695

Childcare Volunteering in Nepal for Volunteers over 50
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Travel to Asia with a group your age and support students at disadvantaged schools

  • Fixed dates throughout the year
  • Anyone aged 50 or over can join
  • From 2 weeks
As part of her Conservation work in Ecuador for older adults, a Projects Abroad volunteer helps planting indigenous plants.

From €2670

Conservation and Community Work in Ecuador for Volunteers over 50
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Travel to the Galapagos Islands with a group your age and do hands-on conservation and community work

  • Fixed dates throughout the year
  • Anyone aged 50 or over can join
  • From 2 weeks

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Tanzanian medical professionals spend time with a nurse volunteering abroad for her career break.

Volunteer Abroad while on a Leave of Absence or a Holiday

Perhaps you are perfectly happy in your chosen career, but just want some time away to explore a particular area of interest, or even just to help others? Our minimum project length on most projects is between two and four weeks, which means that you can volunteer on one of our projects during paid annual leave. Many teachers even choose to volunteer with us for the whole of their six week summer break!

More and more employers are starting to see the value of offering their staff longer periods of unpaid absence, during which the volunteer can satisfy their wanderlust, safe in the knowledge that they still have a secure job at the end of it. Employers may even be willing to finance some of the costs of a voluntary project, providing there is some tangible benefit in doing so. We can help you to provide any relevant information once you have applied.

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