A senior volunteering abroad helps to count bird species during a census at our Conservation Project in Madagascar, Africa.

Volunteering Abroad for Seniors

Travel as a senior volunteer and become part of ongoing efforts to support communities in need

Millennials are not the only ones challenging themselves to explore the world and do something different. A rapidly growing number of older people and seniors are seizing the opportunity to volunteer abroad. With Projects Abroad, you can choose what kind of volunteer work you want to do, and where you want to go

Use your skills and life experience to help those who need it most and volunteer overseas as a senior. This is a great way to make the most of your next holiday, career break, or your retirement. Our programmes run throughout the year, and you can choose when to start and finish. 

An older man volunteering abroad helps a local child improve his reading at one of our Childcare Projects.

International Volunteering for Seniors

We can help you pick an international program that plays to your strengths, and takes you where you want to go. Here are some of our most popular options for seniors volunteering abroad:

  1. Conservation Projects: Leave the city or the suburbs behind, and live and work in the heart of the Amazon Rainforest, African wildlife reserves, the Galapagos Islands, and more. Our older volunteers love the natural surroundings, and enjoy working with conservationists to help plants and endangered wildlife thrive.
  2. Childcare Projects: Work with kindergartens and daycares that focus on early childhood development and education for disadvantaged children. You can help kids learn through play, teach the ABCs and 123s, and get them active outdoors. 
  3. Culture Immersion Projects: Seize the opportunity to break away from the world you know and exchange it for a different way of living. Live and work with the Maasai, roam the Mongolian Steppe with a nomad family, and more. These programmes are great for giving back and learning about different cultures at the same time. 

If you want to use your professional skills to make a difference, we can recommend a project for you. Doctors, nurses, physical therapists, and dentists are especially in demand, as they help relieve heavy workloads in busy clinics and hospitals.

You can look at all of our projects if your interests lie elsewhere.

Group Volunteering Overseas for Seniors

Some older volunteers prefer to travel with a group of people their own age. In these cases, we recommend our Grown-up Specials.

These are short-term group volunteer trips for people ages 50 and older. Grown-up Specials run over fixed dates throughout the year, so select the dates that best fit your schedule. The group arrives and leaves at the same time, and live and work together. Our staff organize the details, from full days of volunteer work, to a weekend sightseeing trip.

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