Two High School Special volunteers overseas for Christmas enjoy spending time teaching children in Sri Lanka.

Volunteer Abroad over the Christmas Holidays

Join one of our Christmas volunteering opportunities abroad and become part of our ongoing efforts to support local communities. You won't just be working on a quick fix, you'll be using your time and energy to help us implement long-term, sustainable solutions where it's needed most. It's a way for you to celebrate giving by making a tangible difference.

In the winter, we offer Team Trips that take place over Christmas and New Year. You'll travel over fixed dates and work towards specific goals with a group of passionate individuals.

As a bonus, many of these programmes double as the perfect escape from frosty winter days. There's no better way to escape the winter blues than by jetting off to countries like South Africa, the Philippines or Fiji!

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Teenage volunteers doing work with children in Nepal, do an activity with children on the playground.
Volunteer with Children in Nepal as a Teenager
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  • Fixed dates during school holidays
  • This project is only for 15-18 year olds
  • From 2 weeks
  • From €1,650
Teenage volunteers working with children in Cambodia use weekends to explore local attractions.
Volunteer with Children in Cambodia for Teenagers
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  • Fixed dates during school holidays
  • This project is only for 15-18 year olds
  • From 2 weeks
  • From €1,875
A doctor explains how to take healthcare measures on our medical internship for high school students in Tanzania
Medical Internship for High School Students in Tanzania
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  • Fixed dates during school holidays
  • This project is only for 15-18 year olds
  • From 2 weeks
  • From €2,250
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Is volunteering abroad during Christmas right for me?

By volunteering abroad during the winter, you can pair the tradition of Christmas with giving back to communities and travelling.

Our volunteer Team Trips over Christmas are based on a short-term model that’s part of our long-term goals. What you do is part of a long-term plan. It’s not a quick fix for the holidays.

We also provide you with a hassle-free experience, and you’ll have 24/7 support from our in-country staff while you’re abroad.

What can I do?

Christmas volunteering abroad is a wonderful way to give back and embrace the true spirit of the holiday season.

Over Christmas and New Year, you can choose from a range of Team Trips and work on a variety of projects. You could:  

  • Support early childhood development at care centres
  • Help communities build schools and other important infrastructure
  • Bring basic medical care to communities that lack healthcare services

Many of our destination countries are experiencing their warmer months during this time. You can enjoy the beautiful weather of countries like Fiji, Kenya, the Philippines, South Africa, and Nepal.

With our fixed dates, you can maximise your time off and spend more of it engaged in rewarding, structured volunteer activities.

For any last-minute winter volunteering applications, please contact our office.

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