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Volunteer with children in Ghana

5 best overseas volunteer with children opportunities

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By Thom Brown | 25th October, 2022
Updated on 01st February, 2024

Volunteering with children is a life-changing opportunity to travel the world, build skills, and contribute to the education and wellbeing of young people. With every child’s smile, you’ll see the positive improvements you’re making to the world.

When you volunteer with children abroad, you’ll be immersed in a new way of life, trading skills and cultural traditions. Breathe the same Himalayan air as children in Nepal, swim in South Pacific waters with children in Fiji, or walk with children down the red dirt roads of Ghana’s hillside villages.

Not only can Childcare volunteer work change the lives of young people in developing countries, but it can also set you on a new career path. As you leave a positive impact, you’ll build your confidence, communication, and leadership skills.

Want to volunteer with children abroad but not sure where to go? Read on to discover our five favourite options.

Five best volunteering with children opportunities:

Learn more about these five Childcare Projects below, but first, discover why you should work with children overseas.

What are the Benefits of Doing Childcare Volunteer Work?

Happy children on a child volunteer project

Besides facilitating travel to some of the world’s most spectacular destinations, volunteering with children abroad comes with important benefits. Choosing to do your volunteer placement in a school or daycare centre could be the best decision you make this year.

When you volunteer with children abroad, you:

  • Become immersed in a new culture, learning from the local people you meet
  • Support teachers in often understaffed classrooms
  • Share your wisdom with young children, teaching them vital life skills
  • Bolster your CV with new communication, leadership, planning, and teamwork skills
  • Bond with fellow volunteers, potentially making lifelong friendships
  • Support the local community, leaving it better than you found it

Never underestimate the impact you can have on the lives of children. Your contribution can set them on a path towards a better life. Help build their career prospects, financial literacy, and respect for human rights.

Who Should Volunteer Abroad With Children?

One of the best things about Childcare volunteer work is that almost anyone can do it. Our projects don’t come with any special requirements and we accept volunteers from all walks of life. From under 15 to over 50, we can tailor-make a Childcare volunteer trip.

Which type of Childcare volunteer work is right for you?

  • Travelling with children under 15? Have a look at our family volunteering trips.
  • Aged 15-18? Join a Childcare Project made for you with our High School Specials.
  • Are you an adult looking for flexible options? Our Flexi Trips will have what you’re looking for.
  • Aged over 50? Our Grown-Up Specials offer Childcare Projects designed for those looking for meaningful travel opportunities as they near retirement.
  • Part of a school, corporate, or another group? We also specialise in tailor-made group trips that involve working with young children.

We strive to offer the perfect trip for every type of traveller. Get in touch to access more support and advice on finding the perfect Childcare volunteer trip.

Ethical Childcare Volunteer Trips

When it comes to working with children, we understand that ethics is at the forefront of everyone’s mind. Rest assured that all our programmes are fully vetted and safety audited. View our accreditations here for full details on how we ensure the safety and wellbeing of volunteers and beneficiaries.

Our ethical policies and code of conduct demand the highest standards from everyone we work with, whether that’s our own staff, local employees, or volunteers. Be sure to familiarise yourself with our page on Safety and Worthwhileness on Childcare Projects.

We focus on community and family-based care, vetting and closely monitoring the organisations we work with. For ethical reasons, we are committed to a future without orphanages, favouring transparent, sustainable, and wellbeing-driven programmes.

Most Childcare volunteers over 18 must complete a background check. Our employees will always be there to monitor volunteer work, ensuring that children are not put in vulnerable positions.

All of our Childcare Projects are impact-driven. We encourage volunteers to stay as long as possible to maximise the positive impact they can have. At the same time, we recognise that something is better than nothing and you should never doubt your contribution.

Along with over 130,000 other volunteers who have already signed up with us, your impact will be huge. No matter your skills or background, you’ll be part of giving children around the world a brighter future.

5 Best Places to Volunteer with Children

There are many countries around the world that need Childcare volunteers just like you. Below are just five of our favourite destinations for volunteering with children abroad. Read about each one to discover what kind of help is needed and what the highlights of each trip will be.

1) Ghana

Childcare volunteer in Ghana

One of our most popular destinations, Ghana is a wonderful country in West Africa. Safe, peaceful, and vibrant, you’ll find yourself welcomed into daycare centres with warm smiles and open arms.

Depending on your skill level, you’ll either work in a kindergarten, a daycare centre, or a special needs school. We’ll be sure to find a placement that makes the most of your talents, whether you’re a complete beginner or an experienced carer.

You can either work in the fun and lively capital, Accra, or the rural and tranquil region of the Akuapem Hills. In either case, we’ve identified five key areas for Childcare volunteers to focus on:

  1. Promote early childhood development
  2. Increase literacy
  3. Increase numeracy
  4. Improve hygiene
  5. Improve the quality of life for those with disabilities

These are long-term goals and your help will be one step along this important journey.

While in Ghana, you’ll be immersed in its colourful and lively culture. The longer you stay, the more you’ll get to explore, but expect to cook Ghanaian cuisine, learn some of the local language, and dance to the beat of the West African drum.

Outside of Childcare volunteer work, you can explore history in Cape Coast, discover the wilderness of Kakum National Park, or swim beneath the refreshing water of Wli Falls. These are fantastic chances to relax, giving you more time and energy to focus on improving the lives of children in Ghana.


  • Create and implement lesson plans to improve the academic skills of children
  • Provide education on hygiene and other life skills
  • Build management and communication skills
  • Enjoy the fun nightlife of Accra or the calm village life of the Akuapem Hills
  • Explore slave forts, idyllic beaches, and wild national parks

Volunteer with Children Opportunities in Ghana

2) Peru

Volunteering with children in Peru

A trip to Peru will be a unique and awe-inspiring experience. From the sandy beaches of Lima to the vast Nazca Desert, from the rugged Andes Mountains to the lush Amazon Rainforest, it’s one of Earth’s most diverse destinations.

Despite a proud and successful history, daycare centres in Peru are often understaffed and under-resourced. Your help will be greatly appreciated by local teachers and children alike. Surrounded by the ancient streets of Cusco, nestled in the epic Andes mountain range, you’ll help give these children a positive start to a bright future.

While volunteering with children in Peru, you’ll have four main tasks:

  1. Promote early development through fun and educational lessons
  2. Practice literacy and numeracy with children
  3. Support staff members in kindergartens and care centres
  4. Encourage proper hygiene, like hand washing and teeth brushing

Along with countless others, you’ll be joining the monumental effort to give every child the start in life they deserve. You’ll also be building your own cultural awareness, empathy, communication, time management, and leadership skills.

Outside of project work, there will be time to explore this wonderful country. Discover the huge impact of Inca history at amazing archaeological sites like Coricancha, Tambomachay, and - most notably - Machu Picchu.


  • Take ownership of creating fun lesson plans that engage the local children
  • Enhance children’s life skills, such as promoting cleanliness
  • Develop your personal skills to advance your current or future career
  • Become immersed in Peruvian culture, living among locals in Cusco
  • Travel to some of the world’s most iconic places, including Machu Picchu

Volunteer with Children Opportunities in Peru

3) Nepal

Childcare volunteers with children in Nepal

If your plans are to combine volunteer work with travel to some of the world’s most spectacular destinations, then nothing beats volunteering with children in Nepal. Based in either colourful Kathmandu or charming Chitwan, you’ll have some of Earth’s most spectacular nature on your doorstep.

A peace-loving nation, Nepali people value visitors who intend to leave a positive impact. That’s exactly what you’ll do as you work in otherwise understaffed schools and daycare centres.

As a Childcare volunteer in Nepal, your main tasks will be:

  1. Improving the hand-eye coordination and teamwork of young children through ball games, egg and spoon races, and other fun activities
  2. Teaching ABCs and 123s to improve the literacy and numeracy of children
  3. Creatively teaching the importance of hygiene through songs, crafts, and puppet shows

Outside of your volunteer work with children, prepare to explore this vast and stunning landscape.  Drive off-road through Chitwan National Park, mountain bike through Kathmandu Valley, or trek in the foothills of Annapurna. On tours of Kathmandu, visit ancient temples and breathe in the spiritual mountain atmosphere.


  • Become a leader as you plan and deliver lessons
  • Impart life skills that will help children develop into healthy adults
  • Build adaptability and resilience as you navigate a different culture
  • Learn from the local people, taking home new perspectives
  • Explore the Himalayan foothills or spot animals in Chitwan National Park

Volunteer with Children Opportunities in Nepal

4) Cambodia

Volunteering with children in Cambodian daycare centre

Many volunteers choose to visit Cambodia, where they can experience a unique culture with a rich history. Home to the iconic Angkor Wat temple complex and a vast mountainous, rainforest-clad landscape, this country attracts people with a thirst for exploration.

With a difficult recent past, Cambodia has its fair share of social problems. Schools are often overcrowded with children, making it hard for teachers to cope. Childcare volunteers like you can offer every child the attention they need, giving them a better start in life.

While volunteering with children in Cambodia, you’ll have three main objectives:

  1. Organise fun, educational activities to promote English, numeracy, and motor skills
  2. Promote hygiene and healthy living, including conducting regular health check-ups on children
  3. Take on responsibilities to ease the pressure on local staff so they can focus on what they do best

You’ll be based in Cambodia’s busy but beautiful capital, Phnom Penh. Despite being a big city, the day centres and kindergartens are in more rural areas, where they won’t have the facilities that you might expect. With the help of volunteers like you, though, local children can still enjoy a high standard of education.


  • Work with fellow volunteers and local staff to create fun, engaging lesson plans
  • Ease the pressure on local staff and give each child more care and attention
  • Return home with increased confidence and communication skills
  • Surround yourself with Khmer culture and learn from local people
  • Explore this incredible country, including visiting the magical temples of Angkor Wat

Volunteer with Children Opportunities in Cambodia

5) Fiji

Volunteering with children in Fiji

Fancy living in an idyllic island paradise while you enhance the life prospects of children? A trip to Fiji could be the opportunity of a lifetime. Soak in this laid-back culture and experience a way of life that is likely very different from what you’re used to.

Despite being a flourishing country, large class sizes can make it difficult for young children to receive high levels of education. By volunteering with children in Fiji, you ease the pressure on local staff, helping them become better educators.

We’ve identified four key areas that Childcare volunteers in Fiji should focus on:

  1. Nurture early childhood development through fun, educational activities
  2. Work with small groups of children, giving each child maximum attention and stimulation
  3. Run wellness workshops focused on health and hygiene
  4. Give extra attention to those with special needs to enhance their life chances

During your leisure time, you’ll have access to some of the world’s most pristine beaches, where you can snorkel and spot Fiji’s mesmerising marine life. For a dose of culture, visit the rainbow-coloured Sri Siva Subramaniya Temple. Thrill-seekers should explore Kula Eco Park and have a go on the zipline!


  • Take on a leadership role as you come up with creative lesson plans
  • Contribute to the wellness of children through health and hygiene workshops
  • Increase your cultural awareness and develop career-enhancing life skills
  • Live an island lifestyle and gain a new perspective on the world
  • Visit temples, beaches, and national parks

Volunteer with Children Opportunities in Fiji

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